Bridging the Digital Divide

Eastern Bridge Digital is the digital arm of Eastern Bridge Limited. Since our inception, we've been at the forefront of harnessing the power of AI to create a more interconnected world. Our expertise lies in offering AI and software solutions tailored for businesses aiming for global resonance.


AI consultancy

Eastern Bridge Digital offers a consultancy service focused on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your operations. Whether you're a local government entity or a business owner, our expertise ensures practical, tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Drawing from our established track record, including projects like the Hongi platform, we provide clear guidance on the effective use of AI in real-world scenarios. Partner with us for direct, actionable strategies to harness the potential of AI and advance your operations. Click below for a detailed insight into how we can support your goals.

Website builder


Eastern Bridge Digital presents HongiSites, a unique website builder designed specifically for New Zealand businesses. Prioritising multilingual and multicultural features, it ensures your website is accessible and relevant to a wider audience. HongiSites stands out not only for its user-friendly interface but also for its integration with Hongi, a leading migrant-focused news platform in New Zealand. This means users benefit from additional visibility in Hongi's business directory and can promote on the HongiShop marketplace. Choose HongiSites for a straightforward, local solution that connects you directly with New Zealand's diverse community and international audiences. Learn more about its features and benefits by clicking below.

Online marketplace for a global audience


Eastern Bridge Digital's HongiShop is a powerful online marketplace within the expansive Hongi ecosystem. Any entity with a HongiSite can effortlessly list and sell products on HongiShop. Currently, around 80% of online sales by HongiSite owners stem from this marketplace, capitalising on the vast traffic drawn by Hongi, one of New Zealand's predominant migrant-focused news and information sources. HongiShop and HongiSites offer a range of payment solutions to support domestic and international sales. Additionally, businesses can harness our comprehensive Third Party Logistics (3PL) service. Provided by Eastern Bridge Global Trade, this includes pick-and-pack solutions with warehouses in Auckland and Hong Kong.

Engaging communities, global promotions

Hongi News and Information

Eastern Bridge Digital proudly maintains the Hongi News and Information Platform, a dedicated service offering daily, unbiased content for the migrant communities in New Zealand. Available in 10 languages, with more added annually, Hongi stands as one of the country's leading migrant web services. The platform covers national to district level content, helping local governments and community organisations better engage with and support their migrant populations. Moreover, it's becoming a go-to source for overseas individuals exploring New Zealand for travel, education, or potential migration.

Migrant engagement and community promotion


HongiCommunity services, developed by Eastern Bridge Consulting, strengthen connections between New Zealand's local governments and their migrant communities. The platform offers multilingual District, City and Regional pages, making it easier for councils, EDAs and RTOs to reach the vast Asian migrant audience. This service supports both Welcoming Communities and local Economic Development.

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Hongi News and Information is a not-for-profit committed to supporting community groups and associations.