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HongiShop is your gateway to reaching a wider audience. Seamlessly integrated with HongiSites, it offers a vibrant marketplace for showcasing products and tapping into the diverse Hongi community.

About HongiShop

HongiShop is a unique online marketplace seamlessly integrated with HongiSites and connected to the Hongi News and Information platform. Not only does this digital platform offer businesses a prime spot to showcase their products, but it also serves a greater purpose. A segment of the profits made on HongiShop directly contributes to the operation of the Hongi platform, ensuring New Zealand communities continue to receive unbiased, free news and information. HongiShop supports ten languages, making it globally accessible. The site’s popularity has led many businesses on HongiSites to witness a significant chunk of their sales stemming from HongiShop. Its user-friendly design allows customers to purchase from various sellers in one go, and the system actively encourages multi-product shopping.

Do you want to sell on the HongiShop?


HongiShop offers businesses a free platform to display their products from their HongiSite, reaching a broader audience and amplifying their market presence without any added costs. It's a smart move for enhanced visibility and growth.

Popular with migrants and international buyers

The inception of HongiShop was driven by direct demand. Feedback from Hongi site visitors revealed a keen interest in New Zealand products. International visitors expressed a desire to purchase and receive these products overseas. Simultaneously, many migrants residing in New Zealand showcased a spirit of adventure, wanting to explore and try new products. Notably, New Zealand-made items are in higher demand than imported ones. Products topping the popularity charts include food and beverages, snacks, pet treats, cosmetics, and skincare.

Efficient Integration

Seamlessly connect your HongiSite with HongiShop, offering a streamlined user experience.

Global Reach

With support for ten languages, HongiShop ensures your products appeal to a global audience.

Transparent Analytics

Receive clear insights into your sales and traffic, aiding effective business decisions.

Secure Transactions

HongiShop prioritises security, ensuring both vendors and buyers experience safe transactions.

Multi-Seller Shopping

Allows customers to add products from multiple sellers in one basket, encouraging larger sales.

Community Contribution

A part of your sales indirectly supports free news dissemination in New Zealand, adding a social cause to your business.

HongiShop seamlessly combines a global marketplace with local New Zealand charm. With support for ten languages, integrated services, it's the ultimate platform for both sellers and diverse buyers. Experience the best of New Zealand, globally.

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To showcase your products on the HongiShop, a HongiSite is essential. Set up your HongiSite now and benefit from a standout website and an instant audience boost, all in a single step.

Cost Structure

Businesses operating on HongiSites are automatically eligible to feature their products on HongiShop without any extra charges. For each successful sale, Eastern Bridge Digital levies a commission of 3% on the product’s value along with a nominal transaction fee of $0.5. Using the HongiSite dashboard, vendors have the flexibility to either include shipping charges in the product price or pass them on to the buyer.

Eastern Bridge Global Trade

For businesses aspiring to boost their international sales, HongiShop offers an edge. It integrates flawlessly with Eastern Bridge Global's Third Party Logistics (3PL) service. This means that from packaging to distribution, everything is managed efficiently from our warehouses. Catering to New Zealand and Australia, we have a warehouse situated in Auckland. Additionally, our Hong Kong warehouse serves East Asia. Beyond logistical support, Eastern Bridge Global Trade provides assistance in international marketing, including strategies like social media promotion and Key Opinion Leader Marketing, ensuring amplified sales via cross-border e-commerce and general trade.