Eastern Bridge Digital delivers consulting services to enhance business and government outcomes within New Zealand's multicultural landscape. Direct solutions for impactful results

About our consulting services

Consulting Services

Eastern Bridge Digital began its consulting services in 2023. At first, we mainly gave informal advice to different organisations, showing them the benefits of smart digital solutions. Even though our consulting arm is relatively new, our team carries a wealth of experience from the Development Operations space, and in areas like Machine Learning, Language Learning Models, and AI. Collectively, our experts have crafted applications such as Hongi, HongiSites, and HongiShop, each showcasing intelligent digital solutions. Our primary ethos is to provide practical solutions. We understand the needs of New Zealand organisations, many of which operate on tight budgets, and we're committed to offering value for every dollar spent.

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Local and respectful

Our team is small but agile, based primarily in New Zealand with some representation in Australia. This means when you work with us, the tasks are managed locally and not outsourced. We are culturally aware and respectful. We are adept at handling sensitive data and have worked on projects involving intellectual property and governmental contracts. Our approach ensures utmost confidentiality and respect for sensitive information. Central to our work ethic is a blend of diverse skills, paired with a commitment to devising practical strategies especially suited for New Zealand organisations, including those with limited resources.

All-Round Service

At Eastern Bridge Digital, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service package. Our team possesses a vast array of skills, from programming languages to data engineering, exploration data analysis, machine learning, service delivery, project management, and security. Whether it's adapting an existing digital service or building a new one from scratch, we've got the experience and the expertise to deliver.


Introducing automation requires a blend of technical know-how, deep AI product development expertise, and a clear plan. Leveraging our extensive experience in AI product development, we guide clients every step of the way. We adopt a lean, agile, and iterative design methodology that ensures investment protection, technical feasibility, and faster development times. Our systematic approach involves defining clear objectives, validating ideas through a Proof of Concept (PoC), thorough evaluation, crafting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and finally scaling the product to fit organisational needs.

Contract or Partnership?

What sets us apart is our flexible operational approach. Clients can engage with us on a contract basis with a set fee or opt for a partnership model. In the latter, we develop products for a minimal initial fee, sharing profits from the ongoing service. This model has enabled us to launch innovative projects alongside small and medium enterprises and community groups, many of whom might find upfront development costs prohibitive.

Diverse clients and partners

Our standout product, Hongi, exemplifies our prowess in smart digital solutions, offering daily translated news tailored for our target audience. We've also collaborated with local governments; for instance, we designed a proof-of-concept for a bus and public transport route planner. In the private sector, we've partnered with individual firms as well as industry collectives. A notable project was the creation of a dynamic app for an export agency that performs real-time market analysis.