HongiSites offers website building solutions for New Zealand businesses, ensuring simplicity, multilingual and ecommerce functionality. Transform your digital presence effortlessly.


HongiSites offers a dedicated website builder specifically designed for New Zealand businesses. Catering to diverse sectors including export, tourism & hospitality, the trades and education, our platform provides templates tailored to different industries. Our platform also supports e-commerce, multilingual capabilities, optimised SEO, and syncs effortlessly with the broader Hongi platform. Additional features include free hosting, domain services, and an exclusive chance to feature products on HongiShop.

Build Yourself or Let Us Help

HongiSites are straightforward to set up. Post account registration, you have the flexibility to either design the website yourself or let our experts handle it. For the DIY route, we offer a multitude of industry-specific templates. The platform is structured for ease of use, letting you adjust elements as per your liking. Alternatively, we can customise themes based on your brand guidelines, or even create a unique design from scratch, collaborating with third-party designers if needed.

Easy to Maintain

Managing HongiSites is hassle-free. Regardless of who built the site, making modifications is straightforward. Through Hongi, you can easily access the editor, alter text, images, or widgets as needed. Content can be translated or re-translated with a click. Any translations requiring human verification are streamlined, with our editors promptly reviewing and publishing them. With hosting and domain managed by us, there's no concern over renewals. Our platform is always evolving, ensuring it stays relevant.

Affordable Pricing

HongiSites offers competitive rates, giving you top-quality service without breaking the bank. Monthly and yearly payment options are available.

Tailored Designs

Choose from our diverse template range or opt for customised designs to reflect your unique brand identity.

Expert Translations

Benefit from integrated AI translations, with optional human review ensuring content accuracy and clarity for global audiences.

Easy Editing

Once set up, HongiSites makes it straightforward to edit your website, giving you full control of content updates.

HongiShop Integration

Seamlessly promote and sell products on HongiShop, with a clear commission structure.

Local company

We are a New Zealand owned and operated business and we are here to support local businesses and communities

Choose HongiSites for a user-friendly platform tailored to New Zealand businesses. Benefit from affordable, customisable designs, expert translations, seamless HongiShop integration, and transparent pricing. It's the straightforward solution for a global online presence.


HongiSites operates primarily on templates. Our extensive library accommodates different styles and industries. We're continually expanding our collection and can also integrate designs from third-party designers into the Hongi framework.


HongiSites brings an array of functionalities to the table. While translation, multilingual SEO, and e-commerce are our focus, we've also functionality for the tourism, hospitality and education sectors. We are eager to work with new clients and industry bodies to develop incorporate greater function into HongiSites. Just because a function is currently unavailable doesn't mean it wont be for long.

Ecommerce and Payment Solutions

HongiSites supports multiple payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, WeChat Pay, and Alipay. Establishing e-commerce functionalities is a breeze, requiring just your linked email for PayPal. On HongiShop, users can make bulk purchases from various vendors, promoting bulk shopping.

Custom Options

While HongiSites primarily offers simple, cost-effective solutions, our team is equipped to handle custom requirements. From personalised contact forms to app conversions or broader projects, we're here to help.


Being a New Zealand business, we operate in the same time zone as our clients. Prioritising customer service, we understand and cater to local business needs effectively.


Developed by Eastern Bridge Group, HongiSites is interconnected with our other services. Whether it's professional translation through Eastern Bridge Consulting, export logistics via Eastern Bridge Global Trade, or leveraging our influential Asian network for market-specific promotions, we ensure holistic support.

Set Up Process

Personalisation is key for us. We value understanding our client's needs and want to communicate with you directly before getting started. After gathering initial business information, we guide you through the template selection. From there, you can opt to handle the construction or trust our expertise to craft your ideal website.

Talk to us about  HongiSites

When choosing a website design company or doing it yourself with a website builder there are a lot of things to consider.

HongiSites Pricing Guide

HongiSites provides transparent and competitive pricing tailored to offer value and suit a range of business needs. Here's a detailed breakdown:

  1. Basic Package: Priced at $480 annually, inclusive of GST, with monthly billing at $40. This includes 800 words of translation, access to our template library, and the option to feature products on HongiShop.
  2. Website Setup with a Template: For a fee of $200, select your preferred template, supply us with the content, and we will construct the website for you. We'll also demonstrate how you can make edits yourself.
  3. Content Creation: If you'd like us to generate content for your website, this comes with an additional fee. Please get in touch for a tailored quote.
  4. Custom Branding: If your business operates with specific branding guidelines, we offer a custom skin service for your chosen template at $300.
  5. Custom Website Builds: For a fully bespoke website, prices range between $2,000 and $5,000, depending on your requirements.
  6. Translation Services: We pride ourselves on our translation quality. Though our AI integration is robust, for perfection, we offer two services. Firstly, a human-reviewed translation service, where a professional checks the AI translations. Any content over the initial 800 words will incur a fee of $20 per 1000 words. Secondly, for meticulously curated translations by our experts, there's a charge of $120 per 100 words.
  7. HongiShop Sales: By establishing a HongiSite, you can list and sell products on HongiShop. A 3% commission and $0.5 transaction fee is applied to all sales made through this channel.

Finally, for payment, choose to settle the entire sum upfront or opt for monthly instalments spread over a year