HongiCommunity pages provide essential support to migrants and refugees, delivering key local news, community services, facilities, and event updates, fostering engagement and assistance.

About HongiCommunities

HongiCommunities serve as vital multilingual platforms tailored for councils, council controlled organisations, and community groups. With users spanning local governments to regional tourism entities, these sites present abundant, multilingual content in a user-friendly format. They predominantly cater to migrants in New Zealand and global users contemplating a New Zealand experience – whether that's visiting, studying, or settling. With consistent and high traffic, our community pages stand as some of the most frequented in the entire Hongi ecosystem.


Local governments in New Zealand have a strong track record of supporting migrant and refugee communities, celebrating diversity at every turn. Yet, Eastern Bridge's Migrant Perceptions Survey unveiled a significant gap: the majority of councils are not effectively addressing a critical challenge migrants face - the provision of translated information. HongiCommunities steps in here, rigorously examining councils' communications to produce consistent, up-to-date content in multiple languages. The platform boasts a dedicated section for council updates, ensuring the local community stays informed. Additionally, a unique Civil Defence feature facilitates real-time emergency notifications to Hongi members in specific locations. The meticulous design and user experience of Hongi's platform further empower migrants, bridging them to their councils and broader communities. Local governments can explore more about their migrant engagement on the Eastern Bridge Consulting website.

Economic Development Agencies

Given Eastern Bridge's foundations in economic development, it's instinctive for us to champion this cause. HongiCommunities heralds dual platforms in Hongi, dedicated to amplifying local economies. The Regional Pages shine a spotlight on regional tourism, international student opportunities, business and investment projects, a business directory, and the HongiShop - an avenue to promote and sell local products. These pages, aesthetically crafted, cater to international visitors, students, and prospective migrants. EDA's further benefit from a HongiSite, a space to multi-lingually showcase their initiatives. To learn about the comprehensive services for Regional Economic Development agencies, head to the Eastern Bridge Consulting website.

Tourism Organisations

Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) hold a crucial role in promoting their respective regions. However, in recent times, while many RTOs have shifted their focus predominantly towards Domestic and Australian audiences, the vast Asian migrant population in these countries remains largely untapped. Recognising this potential tourism goldmine for regional New Zealand, our Regional pages have been crafted as the perfect platform to showcase your region. These pages are designed with simplicity, ensuring easy navigation, but without compromising on functionality or aesthetics. They are multilingual, catering directly to our target audience. Leveraging AI, we keep our marketing materials fresh, up-to-date, and relevant. Accommodation bookings are made hassle-free on our site. Furthermore, we house a business directory where local operators can freely promote their services. For those desiring a more pronounced online presence, the HongiSite offers a seamless, cost-effective means to market in multiple languages. And not to forget, the HongiShop bolsters local businesses producing goods, emphasising the 'local' ethos.

Eastern Bridge Consulting

Established in 2014, Eastern Bridge Consulting has been our pioneering service. Our journey has seen us aid local governments in optimally utilising their international ties, such as sister cities, while also strengthening migrant engagement. We have a track record of ushering in foreign investments, drawing international visitors, and supporting local schools in enrolling international students. Additionally, we've partnered with mayor's offices to spawn genuine export opportunities for local businesses. Our collaboration extends to councils and migrant groups, where we facilitate training, clear communication, and easy information sharing. Some regions have even seen the inception of training centres, courtesy of Eastern Bridge Education, focusing on ESOL courses and other essential migrant support services. For a comprehensive insight, visit the Eastern Bridge Consulting website.