Hongi Foundation

The Hongi Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to informing migrants about New Zealand, promoting balanced news and fostering inclusivity and Welcoming Communities.

Introduction to Hongi News and Information Foundation

The Hongi News and Information Foundation is a not-for-profit society dedicated to keeping migrants informed. Owning the Hongi website, we publish daily news and updates about New Zealand, offering resources and guides tailored for migrants and international visitors. As a force for social good, our mission is to empower ethnic groups and promote Welcoming Communities in New Zealand.

Commitment to Neutral Reporting

The Hongi Foundation prioritises unbiased, balanced reporting. Steering clear of political inclinations, our objective is to present news that reflects both the positives and negatives, ensuring migrants receive a realistic and balanced view of New Zealand.

Funding and Support for Hongi Foundation

The generosity of various organisations, businesses, and individuals fuels the Hongi Foundation, with Eastern Bridge Group being our major contributor. Not only did they develop our platform, but clients of Eastern Bridge Consulting also contribute 40% of their service fee to maintaining Hongi. We're also starting to gain support through community grants. If you believe in our vision of a welcoming New Zealand and wish to help, please reach out. Your support can propel us to new heights, expanding content and services to reach even more communities.