Our Story

Established in 2014, Eastern Bridge Digital offers innovative digital solutions to bridge communication gaps for migrants in New Zealand, balancing community-focused platforms with robust commercial ventures. Values: transparency, efficiency, inclusivity.

Bridging the language divide through technology

Eastern Bridge Limited began in 2014 with a clear goal: to aid New Zealand's local governments in forging international ties and effectively connecting with migrant communities. With the digital world swiftly evolving, the idea of Eastern Bridge Digital took shape in 2023. A natural extension of Eastern Bridge Limited, this new venture retained the fundamental mission of catering to migrants' needs. By harnessing the power of digital tools, our aim is clear: enhance communication, foster integration, and deepen understanding. Our deep knowledge of migrant needs and the preferences of local Kiwi consumers has empowered us to offer a range of services beneficial for both local community organisations and businesses.

Mission, Values, and Goals:

Eastern Bridge Digital operates on three core values: transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity. Every digital solution we provide is underpinned by these principles. Our offerings are not just about technical functionality; they're designed to be user-friendly and to strike a chord with the varied communities we serve. Our commitment is straightforward: to deliver products and services that truly matter.

Hongi News and Information

Hongi stands today as a comprehensive information platform, but its roots are more modest. In 2017, Eastern Bridge embarked on a nationwide migrant survey. The standout challenge for migrants? Language barriers. 30% stated that these barriers severely hampered their daily lives. When efforts to involve governmental bodies in multilingual initiatives didn't yield results, we took charge, birthing Hongi. The name, inspired by the Maori greeting, reflects our ethos: to welcome, engage, and impart local wisdom. During the Covid19 crisis, Hongi became pivotal in offering translated government advisories. Today, while the ownership rests with the Hongi News and Information Foundation, we remain at the helm of its innovation and upkeep.

Commercial products

The genesis of Eastern Bridge Digital was to nurture Hongi. However, to uphold Hongi's role as a free, trustworthy news source, direct commercialisation wasn't the right path. This led to the formation of the Hongi News and Information Foundation. Parallelly, we introduced commercial products like HongiSites and HongiShop. These products not only ensure our financial health but also fund further developments of Hongi. In addition, we offer consultancy for businesses aiming to leverage AI for boosting their operations.

Collaborate with Eastern Bridge Digital

Eastern Bridge Digital enjoys a synergistic relationship with other entities within the Eastern Bridge umbrella. Our partnership with the consulting branch, for instance, has led to the creation of HongiCommunity pages for local governments. These pages, offering a wealth of local information, have become migrant favourites. Additionally, our collaboration with Eastern Bridge Global Trade offers businesses a gamut of services, from market insights to e-commerce solutions. As we look forward, our ambitions for HongiSites and HongiShop are grand. With plans to further refine our products and expand our consultancy domain, our trajectory is set towards continuous growth and innovation.

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